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last updated February 2024


A map showing the activities of the ERR in occupied Europe. Yad Vashem, archival signature: 368.

“Julius Genss Library,” painting by Dagmar Bette-Punga, 1938. Courtesy of Julia Gens.

Screenshot JDCRP website: 

Franz Marc, Pferde in Landschaft, 1911. Der Nachlass Gurlitt. Kunstmuseum Bern. (accessed 3 February 2023)

Jews wearing Jewish badges with the Star of David and the letter Z, Zagreb, Croatia. Yad Vashem, archival signature: 6315/7.

Chaplain Samuel Blinder examines one of the Torah scrolls stolen by the Einsatzstab Rosenberg and stored in the basement of the Institute for Research into the Jewish Question in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. National Archives and Records Administration.

Emil Nolde, Piazza San Domenico II, Taormina / Straße nach dem Regen / Straße / Bildnis Ada Nolde / Unfertiges Bild eines weiblichen Kopfes en face / Kopf einer Schauspielerin. Lost Art-ID 529921. (accessed 3 February 2023)