• On the Trail of Books Stolen by the Nazis, Wall Street Journal, August 2017

    According to Holocaust experts, the Nazis stole tens of millions of books from Jews and other victims. Recently, scholars have focused on 1.2 million volumes the Nazis plundered—including 500,000 taken largely from French Jewish families and institutions. The books went from France to Germany to Silesia, where they were scooped up by the Red Army as spoils of war.

  • Documenting ERR Looted Libraries – Claims Conference/WRJO Looted Art and Cultural Property Initiative

    Documentation on Nazi seizures of libraries is now becoming available. Having taken a leading role in advocating for the restitution of Nazi-era looted art, the Claims Conference and the WJRO are now expanding their focus to identifying the millions of books looted from libraries during the Holocaust.

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  • Changes To Limbach Commission Announced, Real Change Now Seems Out Of Reach – Media, Telecoms, IT, Entertainment – United States

    After nearly a year of hinting at changes the Advisory Commission in Germany that makes recommendations to state museums on claims for allegedly Nazi-looted works in their collections (“Beratende Kommission im Zusammenhang mit der Rckgabe NS-verfolgungsbedingt entzogener Kulturgter, insbesondere aus jdischem Besitz,” or “Advisory Commission on the return of cultural property seized as a result of Nazi persecution, especially Jewish property”), the federal government announced last week the addition of three new members.

  • Halbherzige Reform

    Prinzipiell ist es eine gute Nachricht: Die Berufung von zwei jüdischen Vertretern in die Limbach-Kommission zur Rückgabe von NS-Raubkunst ist ausdrücklich zu begrüßen. Mit Raphael Gross und Gary Smith hat Staatsministerin Monika Grütters zwei kulturpolitisch profilierte Persönlichkeiten in die Beratende Kommission geholt.

  • Nazi Art Loot Returned … to Nazis

    “The basic element of this story is this: They stole from my family,” said John Graykowski, 62, the Krauses’ great-grandson, “and then they gave it back to the guy who stole it from them. How does that work?”

  • Methinks Thou Doth Protest too Much-Bavaria Scrambles Defensively After Revelation of Looted Art Sales to Nazi Families

    The revelation that Bavaria re-sold looted artworks to Nazi families while giving victims and their heirs the run-around for years has clearly touched a nerve at the Bavarian State Paintings Collection (the Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen, or BSGS).

  • “Endlich Taten!”

    Opferganisation Jewish Claims Conference reagiert auf SZ-Bericht und fordert Ende von “Vertuschung und Geheimhaltung” in deutschen Institutionen. Auch der Gesetzgeber sei gefragt, und Archive müssten geöffnet werden.

  • В музеях Украины до сих пор засекречены трофейные фонды – 23.06.2016 21:05 – Новости Укринформ

    23.06.2016 21:05. Украинские музеи даже с падением СССР продолжают практику закрытых фондов. И публикация издания “Искусство в пламени войны. Произведения западноевропейской живописи в собрании Симферопольского художественного музея: каталог и альбом” – это прецедент для того, чтобы и другие отечественные музеи поведали миру о своих трофейных коллекциях.

  • Ronald Lauder, Helen Mirren testify before US Senate committee on Nazi-looted art

    World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder and actress Dame Helen Mirren were among the witnesses called at a hearing of the US Senate’s Judiciary Committee on Tuesday which dealt with Nazi-looted art works.

  • Senate Bill Would Help Recover Art Stolen by Nazis

    At a hearing on Tuesday, Ronald S. Lauder, the president of the World Jewish Congress, told a panel of senators that the pain inflicted by the Nazis was worsened by the participation of so many in an art theft he called “probably the greatest in history.”

  • How Did Nazi-Looted Art Wind Up in Israel – and What Can Be Done About It?

    Yagna Yass-Alston, a Polish doctoral student, was on a fellowship in Israel last year when she visited the Museum of Art Ein Harod in the Jezreel Valley. She wanted to look at two paintings there for her dissertation research on Jewish art collectors in Krakow.

  • Why US lawmakers want Germany to revisit its museums’ walls

    JTA – In a letter emblazoned with the insignia of the US House of Representatives, 29 members of Congress reprimanded the German state of Bavaria for neglecting its historical responsibility to victims of the Nazis.

  • An interview with Wesley A. Fisher on the restitution of Nazi-looted art

    New York | 30 July 2015 | AMA | | Wesley A. Fisher is the Director of Research at the World Jewish Restitution Organisation (WJRO) and the Conference on Jewish Claims Against Germany, which conduct a comprehensive program toward the restitution of Jewish-owned art and cultural property lost and plundered during the Holocaust.

  • The Difficult Work of Reclaiming Art

    Wesley Fisher does not have the Hollywood credentials of the stars of recent films like George Clooney in The Monuments Men or Ryan Reynolds in Woman in Gold, but he has done much of the nuts-and-bolts work over the last two decades related to the kind of Nazi-era art restitution that these movies featured.

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    5-7 верасня ў Мінску адбываецца міжнародная канферэнцыя, прысвечаная праблеме страчаных і перамешчаных культурных каштоўнасцяў. Удзел бяруць беларускія, заходнееўрапейскія, амерыканскія гісторыкі, архівісты, бібліёграфы, музейшчыкі. 6 верасня ў Нацыянальнай бібліятэцы прайшла міжнародная сустрэча кнігазнаўцаў. Гаварылі пра тое, ці варта ў ХХІ стагоддзі вяртаць кнігі на радзіму.

  • U.S. Museums Fail to Address Nazi-Era Stolen Art Claims

    Prominent U.S. museums have evaded the restitution of Nazi-era stolen art to rightful owners and heirs by refusing to resolve claims on their facts and merits and by asserting technical defenses, such as statutes of limitations, according to a new report.

  • Painting in Gurlitt Bequest Was Nazi Plunder, Museum Says

    BERLIN – Minutes after the Kunstmuseum Bern in Switzerland revealed for the first time a list of artworks Cornelius Gurlitt had stashed in his second home near the Austrian Alps, its promise of full transparency seemed to clear away decades of murky silence about a delicate Pissarro painting showing the Louvre in Paris and bridges spanning the Seine.

  • Op-Ed: U.S. museums must deal fairly with Nazi-looted art claims

    NEW YORK (JTA) – A Swiss museum’s pledge this week to conduct a full search into the provenance of some 1,600 works of art it plans to accept from the estate of Cornelius Gurlitt, the son of one of Hitler’s main art dealers, once again has thrust the issue of Holocaust art restitution into the headlines.

  • Kunstmuseum Bern Obtains Trove From Gurlitt Collection

    BERLIN – A Swiss museum will accept the bequest of an immense trove of art amassed by a Nazi-era art dealer, but will ensure that any looted art in the trove is returned to its rightful owner, museum officials said on Monday.

  • The AAM Under Fire For Resitution Dispute – artnet News

    The American Alliance of Museums (AAM) has come under fire by the World Jewish Restitution Organization (WJRO) and an Oklahoma lawmaker over their lack of action in the ongoing restitution dispute over a Camille Pissarro painting held by the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma.

  • Nations Called Lax in Returning Art Looted From Jews

    The Italian government has long used impassioned pleas, considerable research and international public pressure to support its demands, which were often successful, for the repatriation of its art and antiquities patrimony lost through looting. But in a report published Wednesday, Italy is identified as one of the countries doing the least to research or identify items that may been looted from Jews during World War II.

  • Nazi looted art could be in Australia, says report

    Australia has not done enough to ensure Nazi-confiscated artworks and books are not in the collections of its public galleries and museums, says the main organisation active in the restitution of property looted from Holocaust victims. Two months ago the National Gallery of Victoria agreed to restitute, Head of A Man, a painting once attributed to Vincent Van Gogh and held by the gallery since 1940, believed to have been sold under Nazi duress in 1933.

  • Claims Conference: Little progress made on looted Holocaust art

    Despite pledges to find and return art looted by the Nazis found within their borders, little follow up action has been taken by the nations of Europe, two Jewish organizations focused on Holocaust restitution asserted in a joint report this week.

  • Glass Half Full or Half Empty? Detailed Report Published on Worldwide Efforts to Restitute Nazi-Looted Art Since the 1998 Washington Conference

    After the 1998 Washington Conference on Holocaust Era Assets and the eponymous Washington Conference Principles on Nazi-Stolen Art that came out of it, it is hardly surprising that a recurring theme has been to assess the progress of those nations that participated and signed on.

  • Germany Announces Deal on Art Looted by Nazis

    BERLIN – The German government on Monday announced an agreement with Cornelius Gurlitt, the son of a Nazi-era art dealer, that would pave the way for the possible restitution of art wrongfully taken from Jewish owners and held in his private collection for decades.

  • Two Researchers Nominated to Investigate Trove of Nazi-Looted Art

    Two longtime provenance researchers have been nominated to join a task force created to investigate the history of more than 1,400 works of art stashed in a Munich apartment. The researchers, Sophie Lillie and Agnes Peresztegi, were recommended by the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany and will serve on a panel led by Dr. Ingeborg Berggreen-Merkel, Germany’s former deputy state minister for culture, who welcomed the nominations.

  • Quest to Track Nazi Loot Stirs Complex Emotions

    News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. Wesley Fisher’s Database Could Help Identify Some Owners of Art Seized in Munich Wesley Fisher has been consumed for the past 25 years by a seemingly impossible question: What became of the many cultural treasures stolen from Jews during the Holocaust?

  • Nazi-looted art hoard could be put on public display: German minister

    BERLIN (Reuters) – A German minister on Saturday proposed coming to an agreement with a reclusive hoarder of Nazi-looted art to display in public some of the 1,400 works confiscated from his flat in Munich last year. The stash of paintings and drawings includes works by Duerer, Delacroix, Picasso, Matisse and German expressionists Otto Dix and Ernst Ludwig Kirchner.

  • US documents raise questions on Munich art hoard

    BERLIN (AP) – U.S. military documents are deepening the mystery surrounding the more than 1,400 artworks found in a Munich apartment. In the chaotic aftermath of World War II, the American military seized 20 boxes of art from German dealer Hildebrand Gurlitt in Aschbach in December 1945, according to documents located by The Associated Press in the U.S.

  • U.S. List Helps Heirs Track Nazi-Loot Art in Munich Cache

    A list of art compiled by U.S. troops in 1950 may help Jewish heirs identify works looted by the Nazis that wound up in a squalid Munich apartment, researchers from the Holocaust Art Restitution Project said. U.S.

  • Nazi-Looted Art Trove Must Be Made Public

    Contact information for inquiries about the artworks discovered in Munich 1) The Coordination Office for Lost Art in Magdeburg: Koordinierungsstelle Magdeburg Turmschanzenstr. 32 39114 Magdeburg Germany Fax: 01149 391 567 3899 2) The Prosecutor’s Office in Augsburg: Staatsanwaltschaft Augsburg Herrn Leitenden Oberstaatsanwalt Nemetz 86197 Augsburg Germany Fax: 01149 821 3105-1360 3) Any Embassy or Consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany Nov.

  • More Than 10,000 Unrestituted Nazi-looted Art Objects Now Listed on Internet – Claims Conference

    This post is for historical informational purposes only. Please do not refer to this post for information pertaining to current Claims Conference programs. Visit What We Do for current program guidelines and information. Thank you. October 18, 2010 More Than 10,000 Unrestituted … Continue reading →